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A leader in developing lightweight mobility scooters. If your looking for a portable mobility scooter, look no further than our Tzora line. They have designed their scooter with you in mind. If you have an active lifestyle you know how difficult it can be to lug a scooter around with you. The Easy Travel lineup solves this problem with lightweight, portable, easy traveling scooters.

Starting with the Classic (Lexis Light) Lightweight Mobility Scooter with a four point seat design for stability and having the front wheels close together giving greater stability & easier maneuverability. These are easy travel scooters at their finest. Besides this being one of the lightest scooters around weighing only 54lbs it offers many benefits to its users.
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Tzora did it again when they developed the Lite (Easy Light Deluxe) which offers many of the same benefits of the Classic but with rear wheel drive giving it even easier maneuverability.
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